Zombie Season Finale!!

Comedy from JD Ryznar

Do we have a treat for you! Our good friend and genius comedy writer JD RYZNAR from LA(!!!) has, at the last possible moment, actually submitted something for zombie week! This is like our craziest dream come true! We're too busy working on the site to actually read what he wrote, but we're sure it's pure GOLD. Enjoy!


Space Zombie

Screenplay by Stephen Levinson
and Tony Zaret

Grab some friends and act out this "Hollywood-Style" screenplay about a very special kind of zombie. A space zombie.


Page Zero - August 27

Gossip From Sarah Ludwig

Life in suburbia is a thrill a minute. And our resident society columnist is going to prove it to you. Get yourself a spoon, because you're about to be served up a big bowl of hot, steaming brains.


Steve Roach #4

A Comic by Chris Messick

Steve Roach + Zombies = Unprecidented net gain in the fourth quarter.


Zombie Knock Knock Jokes

by Liz Lent

-Knock Knock
-Who's there?
-Zombie who?
-Zombie Knock Knock Jokes


Myths & Facts about Zombies

by Stephen Levinson

You think you know about zombies. But you have no idea. Separate what you know from what you think you know in this helpful guide.


Jackie Pallazola: Mob Zombie

by Keith Pandolfi

I'm a dead man. I swam with the fishes, the carp, the trout--all that shit. But I gotta say, I look good. Really. At least for a mother-fuckin' zombie.


The 5 Friends - Zombie

A comic by Russell Bishop

The 5 Friends explore how a zombie is made, and all the different ways you can fuck it up.


Zombie Love

by Stereolabrat

When a zombie's heart breaks, it REALLY breaks. Am I right? Eh?


Powerpoint Presentations
from Beyond the Grave

A Powerpoint Presentation by Tony Zaret

The only thing that has prevented the complete zombie overthrow of the world is their poor organizational skills and their inability to think "outside of the box". (Unless that box is a COFFIN! Am I right?) That's why this proof that zombies have mastered the Powerpoint presentation is so chilling.


Crazy Zombie Robot

A Comic by Stephen Levinson

Robots, with their hideous pantomime of life, are in many ways the original zombie. Just ask your best friend, Crazy F. Robot.


Zombie Haiku

Poetry by Lee Ranieri

We should clarify that these are poems ABOUT zombies, not written by zombies. The title kind of implies that. Also, the illustration we made up for them is of a zombie poet. But that was a mistake.


The Zombie Hole

A Comic by Andrew Lin

Two children investigate the mystery of the Zombie Hole. Will they survive? Only the zombie knows.


Zombie Coworker

By Edmund Osterman

Important tips for dealing with that zombie coworker. You can't be too careful. That hideous mockery of life in the next cube could cost you your job!


Zombie School

A Comic by Stacey Bronoel

If you think Zombies don't have to go to school because they are the walking dead then you are simply naive. Zombies need education just like everyone else. Don't believe us? Here's the proof.


My So Called Life

By Mickie Cathers

The Diary of a Zombie Teenager. You think YOUR life is hard!


Zombie Time!!

A comic by Andrew Lin

It's Zombie Time! And Greg the Zombie is super-excited about it. Why don't we party down with him?


Zombie Week Theme Song -mp3

A song by Andrew Lin and Lou Thomas

Zombie kicks off with this exciting new official theme song to get you in the mood.


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