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Andrew’s Comics
Comics by Andrew Lin

Sitting Quietly & Reading
More comics from Andrew Lin here. To check out more comics, go here.

Crazy Robot
A comic by Stephen Levinson
It is impossible to know what kind of crazy adventure Crazy Robot is going to get involved in next.

Mission to Save the Universe
More Crazy Robot Comics here.

First Cops on the Moon
A comic by Andrew Lin

Watch out moon criminals!

Episode 1

Cedric and Gerard
by Edmund Osterman

Escape Plan
More Cedric and Gerard here.

Classics ALIVE!: The Time Machine
Written by RJ White
Illustrated by Edmund Osterman


The Messick Report
By Chris Messick
Get inspired by the cash-provoking words of our CEO.

Linguists? Fuck 'em

Proposed Merger

More Messick Report here.

By Sarah Ludwig

Essentials of Rock
By Tony Zaret
Tony rocks your world… and your mind!

Difficult to Cure by Rainbow
More Essentials of Rock here.

Shek’s Capital Idea
By Shek Baker
Every week, Shek brings you the inside scoop on another fabulous European capital.

The Hague



Conversation with a Visitor From Another Planet
By Stephen Levinson

A Holiday Tradition
by Craig Baldo

Match Wits With Professeur De La Extraordinaire!!
by Andrew Lin

Abe & Ape
Directed by Stephen Levinson

Two primates, two roommates.

Le Tragidie D'Art
Directed by Andrew Lin

Inside the mind of a true artist.

For more video, check out our video archives.


Oops, I Did It Again: The Original
Louis Armstrong

You've heard the Britney version, now hear the original in our hilarious parody! Or is it real? No, it is not!

A Bissel Rap
By Joel Moss with Chris Messick
Supermasterpiece's most popular Jewish rap.

Want to hear more music? Check out our Music Archive.


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