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Did You Know...?
If the computer were invented today, it would be called the pornograph!

Did You Know...?
Kevin Smith is a shitty screenwriter!


Britney Week!
April 18 - April 24, 2005
Britney Spears may come and go from the headlines, but one thing is for certain: she’ll never leave our hearts. Last week, she announced her first pregnancy (Congrats!) but not the first time she’s brought new life into this world. You see, we think every song Ms. Spears creates is a new life. So join us every day this week as we honor the hardest working (and most stylish!) girl in showbusiness.

The New Adventures of Britney Spears
by Andrew Lin

by Sarah Ludwig

Guest writer Kevin Federline

Destination: Awesome
by Shek Baker

Day 3

Essentials of Rock
by Tony Zaret

Joy of Pepsi by Britney Spears

Oops I Did It Again
by Louis Armstrong
Heard Britney's cover?
Now hear the original!

Cedric & Gerard
by Edmund Osterman


Britney’s Celebrity Playlist
by Craig Baldo

What’s on Britney’s iPod?

Sports: Explained
by Michael Northrop

Your sports questions answered.

Untrue Stereotype #802
by Julie Klausner

The Messick Report
by Chris Messick, CEO

Britney Spears.




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