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The Marmaduke Project is a completely unauthorized parody of the works of Brad Anderson. It is in no way affiliated with Mr. Anderson, the actual (and hilarious) Marmaduke comic, or United Features Syndicate.


Original Artwork: "Marmaduke", "Zits" Text additions: "The Amazing Spiderman"
Original Publish Date: 1/19/03 - Contributed by Jason Beattie

By Ed Mundy

(See the News-Print edition here.)

by RJ White & Laura Dinkins-White

int. office - late afternoon

PHIL WINSLOW, 43, packs up his desk on a Friday. He throws a few papers in his brief case, and shuts it. He turns to his co-worker, CHARLES, still huddled over a spreadsheet on his computer.


Well, that’s it for me this week, Charles. I'll look at that spreadsheet on Monday.


Any big plans for the weekend, Phil?


After this week? I am going to spend the whole weekend sitting on my couch...

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-Contributed by Tony Zaret.

Peter Donaldson is a presenter on “The Breakfast Show” on London’s XFM.

Great Sex with Your Great Dane

• Do not assume that all dogs love it doggy style. Many find it impersonal.

• Experiment with the forbidden: McDonald’s, loosely wrapped bars of chocolate or the Siamese next door.

• Great Danes are not into panty worship so please stop casually bringing it up.

• Don’t be shy – role play with your Great Dane! Police dog, seeing eye dog and boyfriend are all fun personas.

• Remember that “give a dog a bone” can have multiple meanings. Tell your Great Dane whether you to plan to knick knack paddywhack or pleasure him with a dildo in order to avoid future embarrassment.

• If your partner objects to Great Dane play, tell her that your sexual quirks are just as valid as hers. You didn’t raise a fuss when she wanted to do it in the bedroom while not wearing clothes.

Erin Bradley is a freelance writer and author of Miss Information, a dating and sex advice column on

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By M. Wilson, R. Bishop and Andrew Lin.

In the Netherlands, where the submitter of the panel, Floris lives, Marmaduke is called “Jupiter” or “Jupp.”






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- Submitted by Jon Katz, creator of the website “Marmaduke Can Vote