Some people think Hanukah's just the “Jewish Christmas” or the “Hebrew Kwanzaa” or the “Yiddish Ramadan.” But Hanukah is a unique holiday in its own right, overflowing with lessons for us all. Hanukah about a lot more than just spinning the dreidel and getting a Hallmark card.

Of course, there’s far too much to cover in this small space, so I’ve narrowed it down to eight of the most essential Hanukah themes. One for every night... of Hanukah.

Day 1. The Miracle: What’s at the center of the holiday? The Awesome power and might of the Hebrew God. You see, there was this oil lamp that lasted a lot longer than it was supposed to. Could Baal or Zeus do that? No. This teaches us that God still chooses to show his hand in human events. For example, this year, a single trial-sized stick of deodorant lasted me the entire summer. God’s doing? Yes.

Day 2. Family Togetherness: Maybe the tradition of families getting together for Hanukah started with Judah Maccabee himself. Or maybe I’m suggesting it for the very first time right here on this page. In any case, Hanukah is a holiday, so it’s got to be about Family Togetherness, right?

Day 3. Dreidel: It’s Hanukah! Everyone play the dreidel! There’s just no telling what side that crazy top is going to land on next!

Day 4 and Day 5. Dreidel: I know I’ve already talked about the dreidel on Day 3, but I really can’t recommend it enough. It’s just such an awesome game.

Day 6. Pass: Hmm, Im going to take a pass for Day Number 6. Im sure there's plenty of Hanukah values to talk about. I'm just drawing a blank here.

Day 7. Listen, the joy and beauty of Hanukah is just this spiritual thing! You cant just ask me to break it down into eight neat little categories for you. Life just ain't that simple, asshole!

Day 8 Go to hell: Seriously, go to hell.

Stephen Levinson is the co-founder of Supermasterpiece.com. More of his writing can be found here.