girlfriend fight simulator

Ever since I was a child I've wanted to be a race car driver. It's a crazy dream, I know. Those things are deathtraps. But in the world of sophisticated computer simulation, I get to drive around all day in a gloriously rendered digital formula one racer and it is every bit as satisfying as the real thing. It's totally awesome!

Now, has applied that same principal to girlfriends! With our exciting new technology, guys who are too ugly or frightened to get a real girlfriend can live out the "girlfriend experience" from the safety of their own dank loveless bedrooms.

But hasn't this already been done? Well granted, internet pornography has made it easier than ever for men to finally see what a woman looks like with her clothes off. That plus a little hand lotion and you've got an adequate facsimile of the sexual act. But sex is only one part of having a girlfriend. The other part is the constant fighting.

The Supermasterpiece Girlfriend Fight Simulator provides a rich and textured recreation of a fight with your girlfriend. Now you too can enjoy countless hours of tedious bickering, just like a real man!

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